Cards Against Humanity

I had been hearing about this game for a really long time and when my friend got this game for Christmas I figured that it should be time that I find out what all the hype is about.

First of all, this game can get really offensive, so in order to thoroughly enjoy this game, you have to be able to be okay with horrible situations and not take offense to anything.

For those who don't know, Cards Against Humanity(similar to Apples to Apples) is a game where one person picks up a main topic card, such as "What is my New Year's Resolution?" and the other players put face down a card that they think would be the funniest/most messed up and the one person picks the card that they like the best, and then the person who put down that card wins that round.

I really really enjoyed this game(probably more than I should have), and I think it's just fun to hang out with some friends and play this game.

I also thought it was funny how the motto of the game is "A party game for horrible people" appropriate.

See you next timeeeeee!