How to get over a cold

Well the time has come...
I got my first cold of the winter season.
I was getting a bit optimistic since it's March and I had yet to get sick this year.  But when I went home during spring break, my dad had a sinus infection and my mom had a viral infection, so me getting sick was pretty much inevitable.

I thought I would share some "Kick the Cold's Butt" tips with y'all:

1. Get some shut eye.  Seriously, being sick is a great excuse to stay cuddled up in your bed all day. (and your body needs to rest)

2. If you are able to do so, I would also recommend getting some exercise. Physical activity is great at getting your body to fight against illness and gets your blood flowing!

3.  Drink plenty of water.  Being sick severely dehydrates your body, so you need to make sure to replace the water that you "lose".  It will help you get better faster.

4. I don't know if this works from a medical stand point, but when I'm sick I eat hot soup or drink cold orange juice(filled with vitamin C btw!).  It generally makes me feel better and it's soothing on a sore throat.

5. Last but not least, take a hot shower or bath.  It not only makes you feel clean but the humidity from the steam helps decongest your body and helps ease coughing fits.

If you are sick now, know that it will be over soon; you just need to push through.  Follow these tips and you will be better in no time!

That's all for now BYE,