This has been on my mind for a really long time.
I know that I do not express my gratefulness all the time and I often find myself complaining about the stupidest things( #firstworldproblems is basically me).

But why?

I realize now that I have so much to be grateful for: family, friends, my health, a roof over my head and food on my table, the opportunity to go to a university, and so many other things.
I have to say I have it pretty good compared to a good majority of other people.

I feel kind of disappointed in myself that I take advantage of things that people would absolutely love to be able to have.
It's something that I really need to work on that's for sure:
Being more grateful for the amazing life and opportunities I've been given.

So take a moment out of your day to think of a couple things that you are grateful for.

What are you grateful for?

With much gratefulness,