My Favorite Apps

Like most people, I spend a vast majority of my spare time on my phone.  Like a lot.

Since I spend so much time on my phone, I thought I would tell you some of the apps on my phone that I am absolutely addicted too.  So here we go!!!!

1. Buzzfeed Some of the news stories aren't the most credible/a…


Heya everyone!!
As you might know, I have been waiting for some news about a potential internship this summer that would be really cool and definitely look good on a resumé.  Well on Friday, I found out that I GOT IT. WOOOOOOOO!  I'm so excited I could run 12 miles right now!!!!!!  Well maybe no…

Happy Pi Day!

It's Pi Day!!!!!!!
If you are unaware, today is Pi day (as in March 14th, 2015...3.14.15, the first couple of digits of pi).
The fact that it happens like this doesn't happen very often, and the next time it will happen is in one hundred years. WOW!
So anyways, go eat some pie for me.  I know …

Review | Whiplash

It takes me ages to watch movies. And so after hearing the reviews and the Oscar noms(and win!),  I have finally caught up with society and saw Whiplash for the first time and WOW.  Just wow.
I'm generally quite picky with "artsy", different types of films, mainly because I find the majo…

Review: "Smoke + Mirrors" album | Imagine Dragons

I have always been an Imagine Dragons fan.  There unique sound and culmination of different instruments really makes their music appealing to me. Their second album Smoke + Mirrors recently got released on Feb. 27th, 2015. After their first album exploded with popularity, everyone had very high expec…