College Halloween Decorations

Hey Internet fam!

Here's a new video for y'all, nice and early for once haha!  But yeah, today is Halloween.  Exciting! I thought I would show you around my home and give a tour of all of my Halloween decorations.

Hope you enjoy!

Happy Halloween!!



What's in my backpack | 2015

Girls Day

After a long week of classes, my friend, Kassidy, and I decided that we should do something fun to celebrate making it through another week.  Since Kassidy has an interview next week (*crosses fingers*), she really wanted to get her nails done.  Looking at the state of my fingernails *yikes*, I agr…


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Yesterday, I spent a good portion of my day baking some cupcakes because...well do I need to reason to make cupcakes?!  Anyways, as I don't have very many baking supplies to make homemade goods, I decided that a store bought box-mix and frosting would suffice, and …

College Homecoming

Hello my lovely internet friends!
How are you today? You doing well?!  I certainly hope so.
What about me? Well thanks for asking!!  This past weekend was my college's homecoming.  Which is even more crazy because it's my LAST homecoming as a student.  INSANE. Where did the time go?!  My pare…