ALBUM REVIEW | Purpose - Justin Bieber

Hey friends!
Today I am going to discuss THIS:
Justin Bieber - Purpose

I have been very VERY excited for this album, ever since he started releasing songs, from What Do You Mean? and most recently, Sorry (which I have been obsessed with).
Now before I begin about the album, I have to say that I have never really been into Justin Bieber's music.  I mean, yes, his music was catchy, but it was a bit TOO pop-y for my tastes.  Now that that's out of the way, let's talk about the album.

I got Purpose (Deluxe) so it came with 19 songs, and before I talk more I just wanted to say that I am really loving this Justin Bieber.  I know that he has gotten a bad rap because of past things he's done, but I think he is trying to turn himself around and pour himself into his music.  Which I think is awesome. The music on Purpose is the music that I genuinely like to listen to, so well done Bieber!
One of the things that I enjoyed about this album (that might annoy some) is that there is a wide variety of types of songs: there are some cool beat songs as well as some slow, meaningful songs.  These definitely highlight Justin's voice in a very positive way.  He has a great voice!  There are also guest appearances such as Big Sean, Travi$ Scott, Halsey(WOO!!), and Skrillex and Diplo.  Very cool - I am happy to see these and I think they work well with each of the songs they are featured in.

A couple of my favorite songs:  Sorry, Purpose, Children, The Feeling

Overall, I am very excited about this album and it will be on repeat until I know all the lyrics haha!

Have you listened to Purpose yet?  What do you think?