Healthy eating?

I have been trying to make an honest effort into eating healthy.  I think that I (with the exception of a few times) have done pretty well sticking to eating more healthy meals.  I am trying to incorporate more fruit and veg into my regular diet.  I am struggling with variety, however, because I fe…

Life Update | Jan 2016


The past couple of weeks have been hectic to say the least - hence why I have not been on the internet too much.  What have I been up too? Hmm well my spring semester of school started this week and it has basically been a week of feeling overwhelmed about all of the upcoming exams/projects/…

My Skincare Wishlist

Like many people, I am obsessed with trying new beauty products.  Lately, I have been very interested in updating my skincare routine and find products that will help my skin become healthier overall.  I might make a video about it, so watch out for that. :)  I am a bit bored of my current skinc…

A Trip to Como Zoo

Over the weekend, my dad, sister, and I decided to get out of the house and take a trip to Como Zoo.  I remember going to Como Zoo when I was a kid and I have very fond memories of it.  Here are some pictures that I took :)

Had a great time! Em xxx

Roommate Problems

New video to start off 2016!

Talk to you soon,