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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Vegan 6 Week Challenge *UPDATE*

As Easter has come and gone, it is time to reflect on my experience on being vegan for 6 weeks.  First things first,  it was surprisingly easy!  Like really easy.  Everyone always complains that eating vegan is too much money/difficult.  I respectfully disagree.  I mean, yes of course, if you buy the fancy processed vegan "meat" and other products, that is pricey $$$.  But I found that it is FAR easier (and cheaper) to eat whole foods.  Whole foods including: potatoes (YAS), pasta, fruits, vegetables, rice and beans, etc.  I found this Birds Eye Southwest Protein Blend which has beans, lentils, red peppers and corn.  SO GOOD.  I literally ate that so much - added some salsa and I was good to go.  In fact, I found many frozen veggie/rice blends that were vegan.  Again, it is so easy and not expensive at all!

Another thing that I love is the current accessibility of vegan options.  I mean of course you don't have to eat rice the entire time - that would be boring!  There are so many recipes for classic foods that are vegan (i.e. pizza, ice cream, lasagna, burgers, eggs, cake...the list goes on and on).  There are also many vegan blogs out there that provide amazing recipes that are simply delicious.  Here are some of my favorites:


See - you're not limited at all!  If you want vegan yogurt or ice cream, it is becoming easier and easier to find them in local stores - not just speciality health food stores.  Which I think is awesome!

Food is something that should make you feel good, and I can honestly say that I have never felt better.  I know that people say that they feel lighter and I kind of pushed that aside, but honestly I just feel lighter.  It's incredible.  My stomach doesn't ache anymore, my skin has cleared up tremendously (finally!!!!!), and I just feel really good.  Healthy. 

I really want to continue doing this lifestyle.  I think that is has been so good for me and for animals and for the earth.  I highly encourage any of you to at least try it out and see how you like it.  I think you might surprise yourself!


Monday, March 28, 2016


*I got back from my family Easter party at like 10 pm last night, and conked out, so I am writing about my Easter festivities the day after so I hope it's still relevant LOL*

Happy Easter!! Or should I say HOPPY Easter!  I'll let myself out....

I went to a family Easter gathering party type thing yesterday and had a lot of fun, and too much food.

Look at feast!! There was ham, potatoes, croissants and sweet rolls, green beans, and jello.  I went crazy over the potatoes.  They were so good!

After we had all eaten and cleaned up the dishes, we all decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood (to at least make us feel better for all the food we consumed).  When we got back, we had desert *picture below*  It was vanilla ice cream, with strawberries, whipped cream, and chocolate drizzle on top.  YUM.  This again please.

After we finished the desert, there was an Easter egg hunt!  See!  Not only for aged 10 and younger!  There were a total of 30 eggs hidden around the first floor of house.  I found 7 eggs.  Here is my winnings from my collected eggs.  EASTER EGG HAUL!

We ended the day by watching RED, with Bruce Willis and Helen Mirren.  never seen it, but it was pretty funny!  By this point, I was pretty full and TIRED.  I fell asleep on the car ride home and went straight to bed.

Overall, pretty good day.  Lots of food, laughs, and most importantly, chocolate.



Tuesday, March 22, 2016


As Tom & Donna from Parks & Recreation say, "Treat Yo'self", treat myself I did.  My friend Kassidy (who I haven't seen nearly as much as I would like to) and I decided to go out for some fun.  And by fun, I mean go out to eat and get our nails done.  We went to our favorite sushi restaurant, Osaka.  Luckily, we went during the lunch special so we ended up getting 2 rolls for $8.  Not bad!

This came with the lunch special: miso soup (which tastes like sea water :P) and some sort of salad with weird dressing that I am not a big fan of.

It is incredible how filling sushi is.  It may not look like a lot of food, but I am absolutely stuffed after eating the majority of it.  SO GOOD THOUGH.  I got the vegetable tempura roll and some sort of avocado roll.  Both were so delicious - definitely recommend!

Then we went to go get our nails done.  Since it was during the day, we were hoping that it wouldn't be too busy, and we were right because we got started right away.  Because it is almost spring time, I opted for this lovely mint green color with a gold/silver accent nail on my ring finger.  I should also mention that I got a gel manicure because I find that it lasts a lot longer than regular nail polish application and so I think that it is worth the extra money to get gels.  I am very happy with this color - it reminds me that spring and summer are almost here :)

What have you been up to today?  Let me know!  I hope you are all having a fab day and I will talk to you soon!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

I am not ready to be an adult

NEW VIDEO!  I talk about how I am not ready to be an adult and my favorite app that I have been using all the time.  Spring break is also next week so I am very excited to go home.  I will hopefully keep you all posted about my VERY exciting spring break plans (jokes, probably going to a couple of movies at the theater and maybe going to the Mall of America.  I mean that sounds pretty good to me.  I'm not picky)

Talk to you soon,



Saturday, March 12, 2016


Today hit a whopping 57 degrees!  IN MARCH! I am beyond amazed.  It is so so so nice out, that I have absolutely no motivation to do anything productive because all I want to do is lay out in the sun and get all the Vitamin D that I have been deprived over the last 6 months.  This is becoming a problem...

On the plus side, my friend Jacqueline and I went out for a walk around in the neighborhood because neither of us had any motivation to do homework.  I'm glad she was feeling the same as me, because I have been going a bit stir-crazy.  SO I grabbed my sunnies and my tennis shoes, and went for nice long walk.
As you can see from this picture, a lot of the snow piles have melted.  THERE IS GRASS SHOWING.  This is a true sign of spring beginning and I am very happy about that.  The only negative part of this is that I hate Hate HATE (or strongly dislike) dirty snow.  I think it looks disgusting because of all the dirt and trash that people threw in the snow over the months.  UGH.  Also the melting makes the grass really muddy and makes swirling puddles on the sidewalks.  OH WELL.  I guess I have to deal with this.... :)

Okay that's all for now.  I hope you're all having a fantastic weekend!



Sunday, March 6, 2016

Beautiful Day and Homework

Here is the thing that I hate about Duluth in the spring.  It is literally the nicest it has been since September, and guess what I have to do today?  Yep that's right.  Stuck inside doing homework.  You might be like, "Well, Emily, why don't you go outside and do homework?"  Well, Jenny, if you are unaware, there has been a lot of snow accumulation over the past couple of months and snow + 50 degree weather = thousands of puddles on every surface.  I don't want to get me laptop wet!

Anyways, that is what I am doing today.  Stuck inside.  Doing homework.  On the most beautiful, sunny day we have had in 6 months.  Living the dream! (Jokes.)  At least we are watching cheesy Lifetime movies all day.  There was one about a nurse who tried to kill her patient because the patient had accidentally killed the nurses fiance years ago.  Typical Lifetime plot.  But at least it's really frickin' entertaining.

In other news, spring break is coming up soon which is exciting!  Also, my mom scheduled my dentist appointment right smack dab in the middle of spring break.  Nothing says FUN-SPRING-BREAK-WOO-YEAH like a dentist appointment (I hope you are detecting my sarcasm.)  But I am just excited to not have school that entire week.  I think it will be a much needed break from monotonous school life.

That's what's been happening in my life.  SO EXCITING.  Haha.  But enough about me, how are you?  Everything okay?  Any plans coming up?

Talk to you soon!


Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Climate Change

I recently had the amazing opportunity to attend a talk by Will Steger, a world famous dog-sledder who spent most of his life crossing Antartica and the Arctic Circle via dog-sled.  He came to UMD to talk about his first hand experience with global warming and climate change.  He showed many pictures and videos (that he actually took himself!) of massive ice sheets and glaciers breaking up into small pieces and dissolving before our very eyes.  It was incredible some of the diagrams that he showed us because it showed how dramatic this problem is.  Climate change is real.  And it is happening.  Quickly.  

I have always been interested in saving the environment.  From turning off water when brushing my teeth, to turning off the lights when unnecessary, I have always tried my best to conserve and lower my own carbon footprint.  And I think it is our duty as citizens on this planet to preserve our home.  It's the only one we have.  I am just not sure how to go about making global change.  I mean, I'm only one person.  I don't think I have much of a voice, unfortunately.  But maybe one day... one can dream.

I hope this little entry isn't too boring for you.  These are just some ramblings from my brain that I have been pondering about for a while, and wanted to share with you.  Thank you for listening. <3

What are your thoughts about all of this?  I would love to hear what you have to say.  It's really interesting to me to talk to other people who are passionate about the same things as me!

I hope you all have a fantastic day/week/life and I will talk to you very soon!

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