A LOOK AT | Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

Hi friends!

Today I wanted to take a look at the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser.

I actually got a sample of this cleanser from Sephora as one of the birthday rewards a couple of months ago, so I have had a lot of time to really test it and see if it is worth the $38 (!!) price tag.

I am going to be honest…

Father's Day at the Twin's Game!

Yesterday was father's day (SO to all the dads and father figures in the world, and especially to my own dad love you).  Since he talked about it practically non-stop, my sister and I decided to surprise my dad to a Twin's game.  If you're not familiar, the Minnesota Twins is a baseball…

Celebrating My Mom's Birthday!

It was my mom's birthday the other day!  She just turned......25 I'm positive.  No really ;)

But to celebrate, we took a nice walk around the lake early in the morning, and then went for coffee afterwards.

We have a family tradition that when it is someone's birthday, they get to choose…

Summer Book Wish List | 2016

Summer is just kicking off, which means more time outside, lounging on the deck or at the beach!  With that, I also enjoying reading and since I have graduated college, I finally feel like I can read FOR FUN (I know crazy right) instead of for classes.

I thought I would compile a list of books that…

Winning $5000 + Squirrel Nuts?!

Hey friends!

There's a new video up today where I discuss almost winning $5000, a weekend at the cabin and squirrel nuts?!

Hope you've had a lovely day talk to you sooooon!