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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Are you ready for...#BLOGULA?!


If you didn't know, I am very, very excited for this time of year, and to celebrate Halloween, I have decided to do #BLOGULA.

Get it??  Blog + Dracula = Blogula. Ha ha ha...Now that I say that out loud it is kind of stupid, but I also kind of love it because of how corny it is.  I think I'll keep it.

SO for the next 5 days starting from October 26 - October 31, I will be doing a blog post every day to celebrate this time of year and of course they will all be Halloween/Autumn related because obvs.

The fun all starts tomorrow, so grab your pumpkin spice lattes and halloween candy and prepare for a very fun time.

Follow along on here, and twitter and instagram with #BLOGULA to chat.

See you tomorrow.

x Emily

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