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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Thoughts from a tired mind

You know when your mind is running a mile a minute with thoughts and sometimes it's easier to just write down all of your thoughts to you don't have it all contained up in the brain.  It's a nice to get those things off your mind...

  • Emily, you need to clean your room.
  • Be ruthless with items that you need to get rid of.  Do you really need that article you had to read in french class in 9th grade? I didn't think so.
  • Go in your closet and take out clothes you never wear, and donate them to charity.
  • Pay your car tabs.
  • Get a new gym membership card.
  • Get a car wash.
  • Fill up the tank with gas.
  • Call Aunt Joy back.
  • Make a meal plan for next week.
  • Go grocery shopping for said meal plan.
  • Don't overthink your love life.  Things will happen as they are meant to.
  • You need to blog more.  You've missed it a lot.
  • Keep applying to other jobs.  You are clearly not happy in the job you are in now.  So change it.
  • Organize your laptop folders.  Everything is a mess and needs some organization.
  • Return your library books.
  • Edit a YouTube video.
  • Go to Target and buy all the toiletries that you are running out of.
  • Make a schedule, a regular schedule, of the week that has all events, and blog/video schedules

These are some thoughts from a tired mind.

Talk to you soon,
x Emily


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