Hey guys!

Sorry I've been  bit quiet on the interwebs.  It's kind of been one of the days/weeks where I just needed to unplug for a little bit.

I've actually been super crazy busy with work that I just get home and I want to go to sleep already.  That's probably not normal haha but it's how I feel.

I bought a new exercise bike from Target online (who would've thought?!) and I absolutely love it!!!  It's not the most fancy bike, but it does its job, and it was only like $120 so not bad at all.  I've been using it everyday, so I feel pretty good about that.

I am actually also heading up to Fargo, ND this weekend to visit my boyfriend.  It's gonna be a loonnnnnnnnggggg drive, but totally worth it :)

So again sorry about the lack of stuff on here.  I promise when I get back from Fargo, all will be returned to business as usual.

Hope you all have a great weekend!