Let Me Introduce Myself...| NEW BLOG

Hey there!

You may have noticed that there have been a few changes since the last time you visited here...well you would be right!  What used to be Emskeeso. has morphed into Emily Ciernia.  This has been a result of thinking and reflecting about the future of this blog and other future endeavors, and I have decided that I wanted to change the site to reflect my whole self ( not just as Emskeeso, but as Emily).  I think that this is a good time to kind of close the Emskeeso chapter and move forward into the next chapter as myself....

Hi I'm Emily!  

I am 24 years old and currently live in Minneapolis, MN.  I love living in Minnesota!  The fall time, the outdoor activities, the food, the people (and I can't forget my favorite ALL TIME coffee place @CaribouCoffee!!)

I graduate college with a degree in computer science.  I originally started out as a degree in biology, but quickly followed my passion for technology and entered a career in technology.  I am currently working as an IT Project Manager.  I am an avid learner, and am always looking for opportunities to grow professionally and individually.  

I have also cultivated a passion for photography.  I have been taking photos on my phone and then I used my first paycheck on a camera to start learning how to create more creative photos.  I am definitely not the greatest or anything, but I really enjoy getting to be creative and sharing my passion with whoever is willing to listen.  If you would like, check out my instagram page @emilyciernia to see more :)

I am going to continue to use this place to talk about things that interest me, which could include a wide array of topics!

I hope you catch up with you again soon :)

Stay cozy!
xo Emily