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Thursday, November 15, 2018


Hey everyone!  I'm back with another photo diary from a couple of weekends ago when my boyfriend and I went and booked a weekend away at a local hotel in downtown Minneapolis and spent the weekend exploring all the sights and sounds that Minneapolis has to offer.

Our destination (after getting a coffee at a local Caribou of course) was the Stone Arch Bridge.

My favorite order at Caribou: a blended caramel cooler.  MMMMM.

View of Minneapolis from the Stone Arch Bridge
View of Minneapolis from the Stone Arch Bridge

View of Minneapolis from the Stone Arch Bridge

When we were walking over the bridge, we saw several people carrying bouquets of flowers.  I really wanted to get a bouquet of flowers after seeing people enjoying their flowers.  After walking a little while longer, we stumbled upon a little farmers market that has some homemade goodies, as well as a bouquets of Autumnal flowers.  My boyfriend surprised me and bought me some and it made me very happy :)

The bouquet!

My boyfriend being super cute and buying my flowers.
I really like this shot of me taking photos on the Stone Arch Bridge.

 It was such a lovely weekend and I'm so happy we get to do things like this and just explore the city we live in :)

What is your favorite part of where YOU live?


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  1. NEW BLOG POST! What is your favorite thing to do in your hometown? 🌎


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